Morgan Campbell

The vast world around me revealed itself during a Global Outreach Ministries mission trip to the Dominican Republic at age fifteen. From the moment I arrived, new and foreign worlds opened up. This trip shifted and impacted my world so immensely that I signed up for two more mission trips to further the teaching, community building and documentary photography that I began in the Dominican Republic. These mission trips compelled me to help people transform their lives and taught me that raw joy and happiness doesn’t come from material goods.  As a result of the impact of the trips, I tattooed a world map on my shoulder as a  reminder of my commitment to the world. These mission trips molded and transformed who I am as a person today and gave me the compassion to continue my not-for-profit work.

 I now attend Columbia College Chicago where I am majoring in photography with a focus in photojournalism and documentary style photography. Documentary photography is a very powerful form of art that reaches inside a story or a person and gets the full details and depth from every angle. By collaborating with Heartland Alliance I intend to do just that, first hand and side by side, focusing on environmental portraits of seniors through a portable portrait studio, establishing a newsletter to connect the elderly communities and lastly create an Echo Library to photo print on demand creating a collective voice of our most enlightened citizens. I want to breathe life and rejuvenate everyone involved in my efforts to bring healing to the Chicago community.

Diane Dammeyer

Click through link to the Diane Dammeyer website

Diane Dammeyer believes in the transformative power of storytelling. After finishing a career in business and real estate, she enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to develop her skills in photography, unsure precisely where they’d take her.

She now describes herself as a “philanthropic photographer,” capturing images of children and young adults and their economic circumstances around the world. “I’m trying to give a voice to individuals who don’t have the opportunity to tell their stories,” Diane says. Today, Dammeyer donates her time and images to organizations that can benefit from a pictorial approach to their mission and goals. She believes in the power of visual literacy, a transforming emotion that can reach all senses, when viewing images that tell a story.

“I believe there is spirituality in my approach to photography. It’s hard to describe,  but I feel a sense of strength in my work that comes from God, and I see the spirit of God in nature and in people. I believe my approach to landscapes reflects a sense of spirituality, a sense of unity and peace.  These are the feelings I have when I am in nature, these are the feelings I am trying to interpret.“ Dammeyer says.


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