Approaching Install

This week has been full of framing and matting to prepare to hang the exhibition. I have over twenty finished pieces and now my focus is shifting toward the wall text design and exhibition layout. I sent a design to Lisa Lindvay tonight to help with the graphic design, as she offered to help when I met with her a few weeks ago. I have also been drafting an artist statement and wall text labels with Judy Natal and we are meeting on Wednesday morning to go over another draft. Things have been going really well and I am excited to finally hang the final show and share the work with all of you!

The book, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison came in the mail this week. Invisible Man is a reading that Judy and I thought would be a good intersection with the work I am doing. The book was published in 1952 and is about a black man who grew up in the South, attended a black college and moved to Harlem. He considers himself an invisible man as a result of the refusal of others to see him. I started reading this novel yesterday, so I will share my findings and quotes on the next blog.

This week’s post is pretty short and sweet as I move forward and approach the install date. I’ll share more finished work and graphic design progress next week. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


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