Spring Break Progress

This week I met up with Pamela, the woman who I made a book about last Spring. I wanted to ask her how Heartland Alliance has helped her in her journey and how it has improved her life. I am going to add this interview to the final Blurb book.

Me: How did you find out about Heartland Alliance and how has coming into contact with Heartland affected you?

Pamela: I was in prayer meeting one night and a lady put my name on the list for housing. I was in the family home and I wondered why I needed to go there, and she said, “To have a second chance at life, to take your life back.” I was in my own home, married, the whole nine yards before the shooting. Heartland did give me a second chance at life. It allowed me to step out, because for twenty years or so, my mother took care of me because I had so many surgeries and I couldn’t use my hands. I had fear when I left home again, I did not realize that I would have fear when I got the call from Heartland to come to the housing unit. I knew i had a disability but I wondering why I was in this setting, because there were different levels of people there. But through that I thank God, because I met some good people who have a similar background and history that I have. We could relate so well. There are a lot of things that Heartland can give you, such as education, a place to live, stability in life, and so much more. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that, especially when you are starting over, like me. I was like a baby being born all over again. I had a great fear, but what gave me my security was my mother saying, “I understand, but don’t worry, take your life back because I want you to be happy.”

This is also the week of Spring Break but I have been in Chicago working hard on the exhibition and I have almost all of the work matted and seven finished/framed pieces. Here are a few photos of my progress.

IMG_0420 IMG_0423

My co-worker at the museum stayed after work to help me mat.





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