Coming into Light

This week I had a few meetings discussing the upcoming exhibition. I met with Judy Natal on Tuesday and we went over my artist statement and title for the work. I am currently working on another draft of the statement which will ultimately be the wall text that I hang for the exhibition. We also went over my rough sketch of the space and what project to hang in the space. Judy is always a great guiding mentor. The advise she gives pushes me deeper, making me ask myself more questions which ultimately strengthens the work.

I had a meeting with Lisa Lindvay on Friday in the exhibition space. Lisa just recently had a show and her input was really helpful. We went over my statement as well and it was interesting to speak to someone who had never seen any of the work. Explaining and sharing often makes me understand my own limitations since I am so closely tied to the work. Lisa was really impressed with how much work I had made and the quality of the images. We walked back and forth in the space together and imagined what would work best. Her current series is mostly portraiture and she deals with class, mental health and family relationships. I shared my new title with her and discussed the reasoning behind it. The new title for the overall work is “Coming into Light” which I think depicts more accurately how this work is functioning. Heartland Alliance is shedding light on those who were unnoticed, who did not have a home or a community. The residents living in the units have benefitted immensely from Heartland Alliance and are an example of the success that can be achieved through both private and public assistance. The work visually and textually shows this coming into light or the reclaiming of their lives.

I am also really excited because the Museum of Contemporary Photography is allowing me to use their frames for the exhibition which will really help with costs. I am very thankful for all the resources I have at Columbia and all the people who are willing to help me in my journey.


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