This week I made some strides in getting ideas together for the exhibition. I called Larry Oberc from the library and asked him some simply questions about the space. We talked about wall color, hanging material, budget, etc. I also started test printing images to see how large the photographs could print. I am re-scanning a few of the negatives so I can print larger and I think I have a pretty good idea about which project will go where in the space.

I am meeting with Colleen Plumb tomorrow to talk about the Forgotten America. I met with her last semester as a part of the Frank, app publishing class I was apart of. She was interested in what I was doing so I thought I would share the project with her and see if she has any insight. I am also meeting with Lisa Lindvay next Friday in to space to look over the work. Lisa Lindvay recently had a show at Johalla Project in Chicago and a lot of her work deals with the portrait. I am excited to share the project with her and have a dialogue about what the work means and how it functions.

On Saturday I went to Los Vecinos and followed up with a few of the residents. I did a voice interview with the residents that I ran into around the building and had a few of them write down a quote. I was interested in what I would find and the conversations were insightful and informative. Here are the two quotes that I gathered:

img001-1 img002-1

I also quickly photographed a resident that I have seen around for a while but was always a little hesitant to be photographed. I saw him in the hallway and asked if we could quickly go to the stairwell where there is better light. He liked this photo and asked me to email it to him. I hope to photograph him again outside or in a better lit environment.


I also met with Pamela on Sunday in hopes of re-doing a few of the interviews with her family and possibly go to her mother’s house. Unfortunately, her mother was not feeling well on Sunday but I still went to Pamela’s church with her. The service lasted a bit longer than expected and I wasn’t able to interview Pamela or speak with her outside of the church. I am hoping to get everyone together so I can easily interview and photograph at the same time. The audio idea has been a bit rocky. The library doesn’t have any audio equipment on hand and the DEPPS department (The Department of Exhibitions, Performance Student Spaces) does not work with any of the library shows. DEPPS said they can offer advise, but I don’t think I will be able to use their equipment. I am trying to think about how to tell the story on a wall without the use of audio, but I’m still hoping to incorporate it if possible.

On top of this, I am working to get a portfolio together for Portfolio Day, which is an event on April 30th that connects students to professionals in the industry. My friend is a graphic designer and has agreed to design my branding for me so that is helpful. I have a meeting with Krista Svalbonas tomorrow to talk about my portfolio and the logistics of Portfolio Day and Manifest.

I am thinking about having the opening reception for the show on the evening of Wednesday, May 13th or Thursday, May 14th. I need to speak to the library and see what day works for them. If you have any feedback for which day would work better for you, let me know. Manifest will take place on Friday, May 15th and the opening reception for the undergrad photography show will take place that evening.


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