This week I started to work on my goals for the exhibition. I measured the space and started to plan out where each project would go. I can fit around 25-30 images in the show. I made a little model of how the space is laid out.


I also talked to Robert Linkiewicz in the photo department and he said he can print my wall text and the captions for the exhibition. This is really exciting and I’m glad to have the lab as a recourse. I made a timeline for the goals of the exhibition. I plan to have the edit in two weeks, so the 9th of March and then start printing. Final prints will be done by mid April and then I plan to have the show installed by the end of April. I should be able to hang the show in one or two days as I have a few friends that have volunteered to assist me.

I am also getting lessons from a friend to start learning Premier in order to cut the audio for the exhibition. I am not sure if I will have time to add the audio to the exhibition but I started to comb through the recordings I have to see if I need to re-record any interviews from Making it on Broken Pieces. I learned how to use the audio equipment in the lab incase I re-record any interviews.

I have created a Blurb book online! The original book I handmade was 9×11, so I first uploaded the book at 12×12 and that ended up costing $111.00. I made another book that was 8×10 and the cost for this book is only $40.00/book if I order 10-50 copies or $44.00 per book if I oder on an individual basis. I can’t share the online book because it can only be viewed when I am logged into the blurb site, but I want to have them printed and possibly get a mock-up before-hand. Here is a screenshot of the book on Blurb.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 7.26.46 PM


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